GOLD! GOLD! and GOLD again!

Do you ever wonder why is it that we Indians are so fascinated with gold?

Beyond the good investment opportunities that gold offers or the jewellery value, we Indians have a sentimental value to it. The Idols of many major Hindu deities are often adorned with not Platinum or diamond, but gold. The traditional and the sentimental significance we give gold goes even further back than bridal jewellery, ritualistic – gold coins were once our currency.

We have had the honour of descending from one of the earliest civilisations – the Indus Valley Civilisation. A civilisation, known for its great accuracy in measuring length, mass, and time – it also had gold as an ornamental metal. A touchstone, bearing gold streaks was found in Banawali, which was probably used for testing the purity of gold (which we sort of still use in some parts of India). A civilisation almost 3000 to 5000 years back and we were fascinated with gold, and we still are. . . and we probably still will be for thousands of years more to come.


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