When to sell a gold coin

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Sell Gold Coins Privately. If you have less gold coins so you can sell it to the individual will usually give you the best price, usually the spot or just above or to the gold merchant. But it is very difficult to find an individual who wants to buy a gold coin for an investment. Auction is another possibility were  you  can get a good price or a not so good price depending on the current market and who is actually online bidding.

As the price of gold rises many people start selling their gold coins. They may have collected some gold coins over a period of years and now the price of gold is higher might be looking to sell the gold coin and make the profit.

Although it is not difficult to find someone to buy gold, of course it is better to keep ones gold coins as it looks very likely that gold will continue to rise as the dollar and economy drops into a decline.

But ff you are keen to sell gold coins either because you have a large stock of them or because you are interested in trading or making a living selling gold coins, there are two basic ways you can do so.

Should You Really Sell Your Gold Coins
Really one should only sell gold coins when one needs to. Gold is still under valued and has some way to go to hit the real price of gold and, although, you are likely to find someone who will buy gold there is more to be gained by keeping your gold coins and watching them increase in value.


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