Investment In Gold


  1.  Why GOLD…? The demand for gold, in India and abroad, has outshines many other asset classes.
  2. Its provided a 32 per cent return on investment in rupee terms in 2014.
  3. Indian consumers invested an all-time high figure of Rs 88,056 crore on gold in 2008 .
  4. Globally, the Dollar demand for gold was up 29 per cent to $102 billion. Gold Investment Practices is in India. Indians bought gold that served dual purpose –Jewellery as well as investment.
  5. Indians love Physical Gold. Current private holdings are more than 25,000 tonnes held in form or Jewellery, Gold Coins and Bars.
  6. Investment in Gold for Life : Wedding, Children, Property purchase & Emergency Purposes.
  7. Fluctuations in Gold Prices make Indians move towards Jewellery , Gold bars & Gold Coins Purchase especially days before festivals .
  8. Age Old Traditions to Systematic Investment in Gold over a period of time Current Gold Price.
  9.  Factors influencing the gold price tightening of gold supply.
  10. Inflation and interest rates
  11. Geo-political concerns Central bank demand

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