Why to invest in Physical Gold Coin

There are many savings and investment optionavailable in India.
One of the options is gold coin. Gold has been valued since prehistoric times and is the investment option that has been seen as the ultimate form of safe haven investment and the only true form of wealth.
Gold coin has been popular in India because it acted as a good hedge against inflation.
There is so much uncertainty in the world in terms of economic growth and geopolitics, it is no surprise that many investors, big and small have chosen to hedge (barrier of closely growing bushes) their investments through gold coin.
Gold remains as an integral part of social and religious customs, besides being the basic form of saving.
Gold has aesthetic appeal . Its beauty recommends it for ornament making above all other metals.
Gold is a currency that has no borders and does not need to be honored by any governmental obligations.
Gold has long proven ability to retain value and appreciate in value.Gold is readily available in a standardized form.

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