• Investor sees gold as reliable investment

• Uncertainty in the economy.

• Gold  serves both the purpose of jewellery as well as an investment.

• Traditions and customs are attached with gold coin

• Tendency to buy gold coin on special occasions

• Rise in standard of living of the people.

• Indian follow conservative approach regarding investment in the gold coin because of the inflation or rising price of the gold.



After the economic crisis of 2008 a number of economists and gold coin traders believe that the increasing wealth with regards to the global population over the past decade was not real.  In India gold is still trading in the Rs.30962.57 for 10 grams, in the past 1 year the glittering metal has gained 22%. Further expected to rise to 1,00,000 for 28 grams by next year and 2,50,000 for 28 grams after that, so this is the best time to invest in gold or buying the gold coin.

Value of gold in the governments treasury has grown by over Rs 1, 00,000 crore in about two years. Currently RBI is holding gold estimated at 557.7 tonnes valuing about Rs 1,60,000 crore. The total gold that India holds right now is the 10th largest in the world. World Gold Council had said that the global gold demand had risen by six per cent. So for earning in future start investing in the gold coin for long term.

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