The beginner’s guide to Hair Colour

We all have wanted to. Some of Still want to. Some of us have dabbled only to make little to no splash. Few of us have dared, only to crash and burn looking like a gross mutation. A very few of us are lucky, we come out looking like what we set out to.

How do these few, pull off coloured tresses? Are they only comprised of superstars and the creme of the rich, having their own well guarded secret to this magical phenomenon of colouring one’s hair?

The answer is no, the issue is many of us are simply clueless about the art and science behind the simple choice of colour. Many tend to blindly follow the “trend” or ape their favourite celebrity with no concern to their own individuality, nature of  Hair colour, Skin colour, Hair natural texture and often end up looking like experiments. and, they are experiments gone wrong.

I found this post helpful, Right hair colour for your skin tone.



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