Hair Tips for Brides

To get hair looking good on your wedding day, it need lots of efforts and full attention towards your hair. As every bride wants to look good on her wedding day with best outfit make and hair styling. So, would be bride need to take care of her hair from long time back. As our scalp also need nourishment for thick and shiny hair.

So, here are few tips for hair for the would be bride.

  • Eat plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables. Eat almonds, nuts, cashews, raisins and dates in small quantities.
  • Drink amla juice every day to encourage healthy hair.
  • Keep heat application and the use of heat appliances to a least.
  • If you have to curl or straighten your hair, keep the heat on a low setting
  • Wear hats in the summer to protect your locks from the sun.
  • Wash your hair regularly with a good shampoo. Shampooing helps dislodge dirt and dust, and add shine and bounce to hair.
  • A protein based conditioner helps nourish the hair, and can be followed by a gentle massage.

Following this procedure for a couple of months before the wedding day helps you gain confidence as your hair gains the perfect look. And on your wedding day you can do any hair styling and bridal makeup which give you a perfect look for your pleasant day.


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