Makeup Brushes for Every Skin Type

It really matters which type of makeup brushes you are using, whether the skin tends to be dry, oily, or totally normal, investing in a brush that works best with your specific type not only improves the performance of your products, but also keeps your skin looking glowing and fresh. Here are the makeup brushes that is needed for all skin types.

Skin Type: Normal

Normal skin gives the widest range of options, need to buy a best quality of brush. The two different types of synthetic fibers — straight and wavy — to pick up and distribute pigment almost as well as natural hairs. A tapered tip can reach into nooks and crannies like around the nose and mouth, and the quality is tough to find at such a reasonable price.

Skin Type: Dry

The biggest challenge of applying makeup to parched skin is actually small — literally. We’re talking about those tiny, annoying flakes. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get rid of them. People should use the buffing brush it helps to reduce the appearance of dryness from the skin. For best result use the use the gentle scrub beforehand to help to create a clean canvas.

Skin Type: Oily

If your skin tends to be on the greasy, always choose a brush that can handle the formulations popular for oily skin types. Try a multipurpose brush for the foundation into skin. By stippling, where you literally press product on before blending, the formula won’t be diluted with the oils on the skin’s surface.

Skin Type: Sensitive

Always choose a brush with soft and natural bristle as it gives more natural and synthetic fibers, more forgiving texture. Finish with the spritz of sprinkle water as it gives smooth the skin.

Skin Type: Acne-Prone

If the prone is to break out, always recommends makeup brushes that gives the option of heavier coverage, which will help reduce the appearance of acne and beauty spot when you need it. A classic foundation brush allows you to cover on the pigment, giving you control over the intensity of spot. Even concealer brush can also be used as an alternative.


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