How To Care Of Oily Skin

Having a considerable existence of sweat glands in your face is not so much awful, though. It must be observed that those who’ve been fortunate with an excess of oil in the face are less susceptible to developing facial lines and wrinkles. It is because the oil helps you to keep your dermis supple and really helps to hydrate it in a natural way. Therefore, that taking care of it shouldn’t leave it dry out and looking for moisture, but somewhat sufficient that it doesn’t sparkle and have a sloppy look.

So, here are some ways to rid of oily skin.

  • One of the best tips for women with oily skin to get clear skin naturally is regular cleansing. Cleansing your face twice a day is enough for keeping it clean. Don’t overdo the cleaning as it can over dry skin and trigger oil production from the sebaceous glands.
  • Try to use lukewarm water for cleansing oily skin, as it dissolves oil more effectively than cold water. It helps in washing away the dirt and impurities that have deposited on the skin and unclog the skin pores.
  • Use a gel based cleanser containing salicylic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid that help in reducing dead skin cells that clogs pores and leads to pimple outbreaks.
  • Don’t scrub too much. Exfoliating the skin 2-3 times a week is more than enough for removing dead cells and blackheads. The skin produces natural oils to store moisture, keep it hydrated and fight irritations. Overdoing on the scrubbing strips the skin of its natural oils and moisture and makes it dry.
  • As the summer season starts, go low on makeup. Substitute the heavy foundation for tinted moisturizing creams. It creates a barrier between skin and heat.
  • Control the temptation of touching your face with your hands, as it transfers additional oil, dirt and germs to your face making it prone to outbreaks.
  • The toner is inseparable of oily skin care in summer. Use a toner to wipe the excessive oily areas of the face like the forehead and around the nose. The astringent properties of the toner soothe and cool the skin and also shrinks open pores which help in controlling oil production.
  • If your face gets too oily between washings, then use a medicated pad or tissue to wipe away excess oil from the face so that it can be freshened up within moments.



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