How To Repair Damaged Dry Hair?

Protect From The Sun Exposure

The main culprit behind the hair damaged, brittle ends and color fade of your hair is SUN EXPOSURE. So protect your hair from the possible sun damages. Remember, the sun shines throughout the year. So protection is needed throughout the year too.

Hot Oil Treatment

If you really want to know how to fix damaged hair, I strongly suggest you take up the hot oil treatment. These are easy to do at home. For hot oil treatment, you can use any of your favorite hair oils. Apply oil the generously on your hair, wrap your hair with the plastic cover and apply bearable heat using a hot towel. Allow your hair to get cool at normal room temperature. Rinse off with the cool water. To  get the issue fixed, you can take up the hot oil treatment twice or thrice a week.

Have A Nice Hair Cut

If you have breaking or split ends, try pixie or bobs hair cut. Trust me, these haircuts can undo all the damages without requiring to buy any commercial products. If you don’t want to chop it off fully, consider cutting your hair in layers pr have a healthy trim. It will help repairing your hair little easier.

De-Gunk Your Tresses

Every day we use a different kind of products on our hair to get our desired look. It may offer its purpose. But behind the scenes, it damages your hair. Continuous build up of these products become a serious issue. It may lead your hair limp and lifeless. De-gunk all these built ups from your hair. It’s the first and foremost step that helps you in repairing the damaged hair. To remove the product build up, you can use any good clarifying shampoo. How often you need to de-dunk your tresses is really based on the products that are used on your hair.


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