Tips for washing white colthes

1. wash white clothes separately from lights and dark : white clothes should  always be washed separately so that no other colors get mixed  with it. washing white clothes separately would always be the better option.

2. wash white clothes in the right water temperature : it pays to know your fibers when choosing the wash water temperature. Always choose “cold” for the rinse-water temperature. It saves energy and is just as effective. Once you’ve selected the right water temperature, turn on the machine and add detergent and laundry boosters, such as color-safe bleach, bleach, and/or fabric softener (for fluffier white clothes).

3. don’t overload the washer :  Dump in the white laundry. If you have to stuff them in, you’ve got too much stuff to stuff in one load. The machine should be no more more than two-thirds full. The clothes need to tumble around to get clean.

4. check wet clothes for stains before placing in the dryer : After your whites have been washed, check for any remaining stains you can see. Re-wash if needed. If you dry stained clothes in the dryer, the heat will set the stains.

5. Don’t over dry clothes : Leave clothes in the dryer just long enough to remove wrinkles and moisture. Some fabrics, such as Spandex and linen, will be damaged or shrink when dried with too much heat.


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