DIY Tips For Dark Circles

Dark circle is getting common nowadays. The best remedy for it is the 8-hour sleep daily which is getting impossible in today’s world.So in this blog, you can get DIY tips for lightening your dark circle, which you can easily try at your home and can see the result immediately.

  1. Tomato: Tomato is one of the best remedies for your dark circle. Tomato revitalizes the eye area and reduced dark circle. Apply tomato puree under the eye to brighten and lighten skin.
  2. Cucumber: Most people are using cucumber for reducing their dark circle. Use cucumber slice or juice for reducing your dark circle and smoother skin.
  3. Cold Water: If the cause of your dark circles is stress or less sleep then splash cold water on your eyes to keep your eyes refresh and stress-free. After your constant work washes your eyes it will give relaxation and it is the best precaution to cure dark circles.
  4. Tea Bags: Tea Bags contains caffeine and some antioxidants that rid dark circles and puffiness, shrinks blood vessels, and reduces fluid retention. Placed 2-3 used tea bags in the refrigerator for around 30-40 minutes. Then placed it on affected areas and leave it for around 10-15 minutes. Repeat it 1-2 times daily till you see any results.
  5. Milk: Milk cream contains skin lightening agents like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes that remove the dark patches of skin. Take milk cream and add rose water to it. Apply it to your skin and prevent contact with eyes. Let it rest on your dark circles for 15 minutes and then rinse it using cold water.

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