DIY Hair Spa At Home

1.Massage Your Scalp: This is your first step to start your spa at home. Heat some coconut oil or olive oil and do massage of your scalp. As it increases the blood circulation and help in the growth of hair.

2.Give show-to-do-hair-spa-at-home-2team to oiled hair: Once you are done with the oiling of your hair. Then take the warm water and dip the towel in it and then squeeze it and let the towel out of the water. Now wrap that warm towel around your hair and make sure all your hair should be the cover. Leave it for some time around 15-20 minutes. As it helps the oil to penetrate deep in your scalp.

3.Washing hair with shampoo: Once you give the steamed to your hair now you have to wash them with the mild shampoo or the shampoo which suits your hair. You can wash your hair next day also. But if you are washing your hair right away try to wash it with lukewarm water.

4.Applying conditioner: After shampooing, condition hair with a hair conditioner that suits your hair. You can even use natural hair conditioners like tea and lemon conditioner. For this, add tea leaves to boiling water and let it boil for another couple of minutes. Then strain it and let it cool down. Now take one lime and add its juice to the tea water. Rinse hair with this after shampooing.

5.Hair Mask: The last step for the Hair Spa at Home is theDIY Hair Spa At Home hair mask for your hair.Hair Mask gives require nourishment to your hair to make it look more shiny and silky. You can make hair mask at home also. You don’t require many ingredients for it. There are many hair masks for hair but Egg hair is suitable for all hair types. You just require two eggs, coconut oil or olive oil, and a reap banana if you has as banana give smoothing to hair. Make a mixture of it and apply it on hair while massaging. Cover your hair again with the warm towel for around 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off with shampoo.


It is pretty simple to do hair spa at home in spite of going outside and spending too much on hair spa at saloons. You can do this hair spa 2-3 times in months as it makes your hair soft, shining, strong, manageable and superbly textured!


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