Cool Face Mask For This Summer

Cool Face mask for this summer


This summer cool yourself with these home made packs which will soothe and cool your skin and make it glowing and flawless.

DIY face Packs are:

1.Lemon: Massage your skin with a fresh lemon slice or just add a few drops of lemon to your homemade face pack. It cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and de-tans.

2.Honey: honey is always an be find in pour pantry. And it is good anti-oxidant for our skin. When honey mixed with egg or any other skin care ingredients, honey has many skin care benefits. It moisturises the skin, removes dark pigmentation and provides a cooling effect to your skin.

3.Yogurt: This summer, you can care for your skin as well as hair with yogurt. This ingredient provides a cooling effect to your skin, de-tans and also keeps it soft. So, you can mix it with any of your homemade face masks. It will soothe your skin

4.Cucumber: This summer vegetable can be used to keep the skin cool and fresh. Just massage your face with a fresh slice of cucumber. Even relax your tired and burning eyes by cooling them with cucumber slices. Cucumber is herbal and non-irritating to skin. It will only provide coolness to skin.

5.Sandalwood powder: This is a popular skin care product that fights acne, cools, tightens and cleanses the skin. Mix this powder with rose water or plain water and apply on your face and neck. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and clean off with cotton. Wash it off afterwards.


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