How To Use Curling Iron?

We know that everyone wants to get rid of that frizzy hair and to curl their it to get a different look for their face and hair. But sometimes it’s not easy to handle the curling iron by your own. So here we are providing you the easy simple steps to curl your hair through the curling Iron rod.

How to use curling iron

Step 1: Before you begin to start curling your hair make sure your hair is washed and conditioned properly. And then dry them properly before starting the curling.

We can start by heating the curling iron on the temperature 320 degrees for normal hair and if you have thick hair then you can heat up to 430-degrees according to your hair type.

Step 2: While it is heating up you can comb your hair and make sure your hair is not tangled in between themselves as it will be difficult to curl a tangled hair.

Step 3: Now separate your hair into sections using clips. These sections should be about 2–3 inches wide and you need to ensure that there are about four sections from the bottom of the crown of your head.

Step 4: Use the wand and wrap your area of hair around the barrel of the hair curler. use your fingers, hold the edge of the area of your hair near the barrel. Substitute the twisting course—clockwise and counterclockwise for the twisting to be a success.

Step 5: Once the section is curled make sure you pin it so that curled section don’t get tangled with uncurled section.

Step 6: Keep repeating this process once you are done with it. Lay down all your pins up hair to get your curled hair look.

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