How To Remove Whiteheads?

How to reduce whiteheads

Whiteheads are the form of acne. It is also caused by closed pores. The Oil gets trapped in the skin and got swollen and turns into a white pustule and is known as a whitehead. They usually are of white or yellowish color, as they are not exposed to oxygen like blackheads are. They generally occur on nose, cheekbone & chin and affect both women and men during teen years and beyond.

To Prevent whiteheads, you can follow these suggestions:

Always wash your hands before you start touching your face. And never touch your blackheads, whiteheads, acne as the dirt, bacteria on your hands can make a problem for whiteheads. Always try to wash your hands after touching your face with antibacterial soap.

To remove whiteheads, first, you need to open your skin pores. For this wash your face and follow the same directions for steaming your face as mentioned above.

Before using extractor sanitize it with alcohol, especially the tip that you will use to extract your whiteheads. Position the extractor on the targeted whitehead, squeeze gently until the sebum / whitehead is extracted completely. If the whitehead does not come out easily, do not force it, as it can cause scarring and infection.

Wash your hands and massage your face with ice cubes. This will act as a natural toner and helps prevent infection.

Try to use a clay mask. It is helpful in removing most of the dead skin cells. Alternatively, you can use a home-made thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply it over your face, let it dry and thereafter wash your face thoroughly with water.


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