Makeup Tips in Summers

Makeup Tips in Summers

In Summer, the most difficult situation is to keep the makeup to the mark. Because due to the heat we are not able to keep it smudge free. So, we have to do touch up so many times and sometimes the makeup was totally messed up. And we are not capable of making out anything. But keeping simple things in mind we can preserve the makeup for a long time in these hot summers also.

Makeup Tips in Summers

  1. Less is More: Try to wear less makeup in the summer than normal. As your skin is already moisturised, sweaty and your pores are more open in summers due to which more makeup caked on the face can be the cause of the clogged pores and it will lead to be more breakout. Try to wear lighter makeup.Makeup Tips in Summers
  2. Use Smudge and Waterproof Eye Makeup: Try to use smudge and waterproof eye makeup. It will hold the humidity and heat for the long as compared to the simple eye makeup. If you hate it just because it can’t be removed easily, then you can use water resistance to removing it. But it will last longer than the normal eye makeup.Makeup Tips in Summers
  3. Cool Lips: You should opt for a bright and sheer gloss for your lips and avoid thick lipsticks for your lips. And if you want to keep you lips hydrated then use hydrated balm so, that in AC also you can keep your lips cool.Makeup Tips in Summers
  4. Use of Blotting Paper: Always try to keep Blotting paper with you whenever you go outside. It is one of the best tips to battle brutal summer’s humidity. If you start looking slick & shiny, don’t reach for a heavy powder. Just use one of these helpful blotting papers to soak up any unwanted oil. They’re affordable and they work.Makeup Tips in Summers
  5. Combat Sweat: to fight with sweat you can apply antiperspirant or deodorant in a night as it absorbs more in a night as compared to day time. You have excess sweat you can also try this trick: Turn your blow dryer to the coolest setting and blow cool air on your underarm area to do way with any excess moisture to ensure as much of your deodorant or antiperspirant is absorbed.


Hope These Makeup Suggestions will help you to beat the summer heat…!!!


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