How To Use Hair Spray?

How To Use Hair Spray

Nowadays Hairspray has become a very important product for women as it helps them to manage and to keep any style for their hair and make a more manageable for them. Hair spray can be applied on wet and dry it’s all depends on you how you want to use it. The Common ingredients of a hair spray include alcohol and polymers, similar to those found in paint and glue but are flexible and fast-drying. The formulation makes the shafts of hair stick together.


If you hold the low spray than the look that required is more for the straight hair nothing more.

If you Hold the medium spray is more for the structured hair such as a half up, half down hairstyle or some loose carefree waves.

And if you strong hold the spray which is for more elaborate looks like updos and anything which require a whole day hold it can be a wedding hairstyle or a formal hairstyle.


Steps to use hair spray:

Step 1

Reach out for the best hair spray which suits your hair and also don’t damage it. This is the kind of spray you need to boost volume, body and lift into your hair.

Step 2

Make sure the nozzle of the hair spray isn’t gummed up since that can take out sticky product. And it will give a messy look rather than voluminous.

Step 3

Shake your hair and hold your head upside down. Toss your hair back again and then target individual strands of hair while spraying from a distance of about 30 cms.

Step 4

Allow it to dry and move to another strand. But remember to not overdo the spraying—a little goes a long way. Just run your fingers through your hair while scrunching it up. What you have is big, voluminous hair!

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