Lemon Sugar Scrub For Skin


Lemon Sugar Scrub For Skin

Sugar and lemon are the most common ingredients which we use in the kitchen and it is one of the most used ingredients for exfoliant of the skin. Lemon and Sugar both works very well for skin. They peel all the dead skin and make skin shiny. So, here we have combined both lemon and sugar that will produce a scrub which can be used the body as well as a face scrub.

The ingredients which will be required for the Lemon Sugar scrub are:

1/2 fresh lemon

1/2 cup of granulated sugar

1 tbsp of olive oil

1 tbsp of organic honey

Lemon Sugar Scrub For Skin

Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C; it is commonly used to lighten sun and age spots and even out skin tone; a natural astringent that tightens pores and brightens the complexion. Sugar is a natural exfoliator which also evens out skin tone, cleanse pores, and improves overall skin texture by removing dead dull skin cells. Olive Oil is very high in vitamin E, which soothes and heals skin; a natural moisturizing ingredient often used for its anti-aging benefits. Honey is a natural source of anti-oxidants making it a perfect ingredient for age prevention.

Direction to Use:

Add lemon juice and olive oil into a bowl until they mix together. Add the honey to the mixture and stir quickly until the ingredients bind together into a medium-to-thick consistency. You can add or subtract the amount of olive oil and honey that you use depending on how thick you want your scrub to be. Use one-half of a freshly cut lemon for every 1/2 cup of granulated sugar. Combine the sugar and mix.  Then apply it on the face, neck or another body part. Rub it for 5-7 minutes and then wash it off to get the smooth and shiny skin.

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