How Alcohol Effects Your Skin?


How Alcohol Effects Your Skin

For party animals, there is no party without free flowing alcohol. Alcohol is always a super gossip topic and a fun element in between the friends or groups. But here’s the thing—alcohol might increase the fun quotient of your night out but it’s certainly doing bad things to your skin. Here are some negative effects of alcohol on skin.

How Alcohol Effects Your Skin

Alcohol effect your eyes: Sometimes, because of alcohol the circulation of the blood increases in the blood vessels in your face, to dilute often causing leaving behind broken capillaries and red spots which are difficult to get rid of.

How Alcohol Effects Your Skin

Alcohol Causes dehydration: Alcohol actually takes out all the fluid from the skin and leaves you dehydrated. And due to dehydration women faces a problem of wrinkles at very early age of their lives. Alcohol forces your kidneys to work overtime to remove excess water thereby leaving your skin completely dry. Alcohol also has a bad impact on the Vitamin A levels of your body, which is extremely important for collagen—the protein that keeps your skin soft and supple.

How Alcohol Effects Your Skin

Alcohol effects your hair: Intake of alcohol too much will not only dehydrate your body but also dehydrate your hair and make it more prone to breaking and split ends. This is because alcohol can cause a deficiency of zinc in your system, which can lead to hair loss.


So, try to avoid or consume the alcohol according to your body. As in your 20’s, drink leaves your body within 3 hours after the consumption while if you are in 40’s it takes an average around 33 hours. So,  if you are in 40’s then drink according to your immune system..!!!



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