How To Apply Mascara?

How To Apply Mascara

One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your eyes and create fun, flirty looks is by adding mascara. Mascara is one of the key components to making your eyes stand out anywhere if it’s a casual party or any corporate party. Mascara makes your lashes darker; and also adds length and thickness. Even if you don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow, adding mascara will bring depth to your eyes and open them up. On the other hand, if you don’t know the correct way to apply mascara it will draw a lot of attention to the clumps in your lashes which nobody likes.

So, here we are providing you the step to apply mascara perfectly

Step 1:

Start off with cleansed eyes. Oil or grime can ruin your look, even before you have begun. So make sure to remove all traces of old makeup, and follow up with a toner and a moisturizer.

Step 2:

Taking the tube of mascara, swirl the wand around to coat the bristles with the mascara properly. Make sure that you’re not pumping your wand into the tube repeatedly. This pushes air into the tube and makes the mascara clumpy, and it dries out faster.

Step 3:

Apply mascara to the underside of the upper lashes and lift the brush and lashes up and out trying to keep the lashes separated.

Wiggle the brush back and forth as you move the brush upward. Your goal is to apply mascara on to all the lashes even the hard to reach ones at the edges. Use the tip of the brush for the hard to reach places. Apply mascara to the upper lashes first and then using the tip of the brush apply to the lower lashes.

Step 4:

Apply the second coat immediately or before the first coat is dry. It will adhere better. Once the mascara is dry comb through with a lash groomer.

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