How To Apply Eye Shadow?

How To Apply Eye Shadow?

Your eye makeup ought to improve the shape of your eyes; that is an exceptionally vital tip to disguise. Your eye area includes three sections, in particular, the brow bone, the crease and the eyelid. It is recommended that you use textures like sparkle/shine/frost on the forehead bone and eyelid. Hold matte surfaces for your crease. So here are the steps to apply eye shadow:

Step 1: You will need eye cream, moisturiser, eyeshadows, eye primer, brushes, eyeliner, kohl pencil and mascara

Step 2: Use your eye primer to give the eye makeup more stay. A concealer for a consistent and even skin tone is also worth exploring.

Step 3: Using a flat eyeshadow brush in a sweeping motion, apply the colour on your eyelid, starting from the centre and working your way towards the outer and inner corners. Make sure you give your eyelid an even application of colour.

Step 4: It is recommended you use darker hues of eyeshadow on the crease to give your eyes more definition. Begin at the outer corner of your eye and when you’re at the halfway mark start blending. Continue the process of Keep until you achieve a soft colour. As far as the brow bone goes, it is advisable to opt for lighter hues.

Step 5: Use your kohl pencil on the lower lash line of your eyes.

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