Different Types Of Eye Shadow

Different Types Of Eye Shadow

The right combination of eye shadows can definitely give the immense look to your eyes and even to our makeup. Powder eyeshadow is probably the most traditional option, but loose and cream formulas have also found their ways into high-end makeup lines. Once the person is able to understand the differences between these types of eyeshadows, then he will be capable of applying eyeshadow and giving a stunning look to her eyes and makeup.

Different Types Of Eye Shadow


They are the most widely use sort of eyeshadow and always my top choice. They usually come in pots or pans in different finishes – shimmery, silk, cold, matte, glittery and so on. The usability of these eyeshadows is around 2-3 years and for the most part more contrasted with cream eyeshadows and gleams.

Different Types Of Eye Shadow


Cream shadow is good for dry skin and adds a decent sheen to your skin. They are generally sheer contrasted with powder eyeshadow and ought not to be layered on. The real drawback to cream eyeshadows is that they can wrinkle severely. This problem can easily be avoided by choosing one that dries to a matte finish. At the point when applying cream eyeshadows, recall not to powder your eyelid beforehand, or else it would wind up looking messy.

Different Types Of Eye Shadow


These are basically powder eyeshadows that are as loose powder. One cool thing about them is you can combine different eyeshadows. When you apply a loose powder eyeshadow, pack it onto your eyelid with a brush or fingers. For a more dramatic impact, wet your brush before applying. A decent loose powder eyeshadow is finely processed, highly pigmented and holds fast to the skin easily.

Different Types Of Eye Shadow


These are super simple to apply and great for beginners. You should simply shade your lids like you are drawing. They are likewise extremely convenient and can be utilized for touch-ups. Ensure you pick one that is velvety and blendable.

Different Types Of Eye Shadow


These are great for pictures, especially in the event that you need to make that wet look you find in magazines. In any case, I don’t prescribe using this when you go out. It takes some practice to ace using eye glosses and if not handled well, they can get truly messy and smudgy.

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