3 Benefits of Using Besan Face Pack for The Skin?

3 Benefits of Using Besan Face Pack for The Skin?

Besan or gram flour or chick pea flour has been used for ages in India as a skin cleanser. Before all of our fancy soaps and face washes came into being, it was besan that was used to wash the face and keep it clean. It is still favoured as the go to ingredient to treat skin ailments if you are wary about using products with chemicals. Here, are 3 benefits of using besan face pack for skin.

#1. To Treat Oily Skin: Besan absorbs excess oil that is produced in the skin. Simply mix besan with some rose water and apply it as a pack on the face. Leave it on until it dries. Wash it off. Regular use will constrict pores and regulate the oil production, giving you shine free skin.

#2. To Treat Acne: Take a tsp of besan. Add to it half a tsp of sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric. Make a thick paste by adding some raw milk. Apply this on the acne and pimples. Leave it until it dries. This mixture will soothe the irritated parts of the skin and have a drying effect on the acne and pimples. Wash off gently with water and tap dry.

#3. To Treat Dry Skin: The working wonders of besan not just stick with the oily skin but shows magic even for the dry skin with the usage of simple additional ingredients that are available at the home. For dry skin, besan acts like a cleansing agent. It helps to pull out all the dirt from your skin.

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