5 Benefits Of Multani Mitti for Face?

5 Benefits Of Multani Mitti for Face?

Fuller’s Earth, also known as Multani mitti is a home remedy that can do miracles for the skin. It is easily available in the market, it is inexpensive, works brilliantly for different skin types/skin problems and what’s more, it has no side effects too! So if glowing, flawless skin is what you’re looking for, read on the benefits of using Multani mitti on a face.

For Oily skin

Fuller’s earth works wonders for oily skin. Oily skin easily attracts dust and other impurities from surrounding. These particles clog the skin pores and may cause pimples and eruptions on a face. Multani mitti is a blessing for such individuals. It absorbs excess oil from the skin surface and makes it soft and smooth. It avoids the occurrence of pimples caused due to excess oil secretion.

For scrubbing

When in the hurry, and no time for applying a face pack and waiting, you can use fuller’s earth for scrubbing purpose. It will give equally glowing skin. To make this scrub use roughly grounded almonds or walnuts. if you do not wish to use these nuts, you can use some sugar granules with Fuller’s earth and scrub your face softly with this mix. Wash it off and you will see a clean, glowing skin in minutes.

For cleaning

Multani Mitti is a very good cleanser. It cleanses on the surface as well as deeper action. It removes all the dead cells and cleanses the pores from impurities.

For Toning

It helps in improving the skin tone and gives a bright glow and radiance on the face. Multani mitti’s bleaching effect helps in lightening the blemishes and acne marks too.

For Acne and pimples

A pimple and acne problems can be relieved by applying Multani mitti and Neem leaves the paste on face. You can keep it for some time and then wash it off. If you have scars, you can add lemon juice to this paste. Applying it for a week will have noticeable effects on your face.

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