How To Keep Your Hair Frizz Free In Monsoon?

How To Keep Your Hair Frizz Free In Monsoon?

Here Our some few tips to get rid of frizz hair in this monsoon.

#1. Dry your hair before you leave the house to protect your hair from damage. Don’t tie or comb your hair when wet.

#2. Go for products that will help you protect your hair from drying and retaining. Consult your hair stylist or a dermatologist to know what kind of products will suit your hair type.

#3. As your hair will already be porous from the rain, the more you touch your hair the sweat and heat from your hands can push moisture into the hair shaft, causing it to swell even more so that cuticles become raised – and visibly frizzy.

#4. The hair fibers are sufficiently hydrated with conditioner, they will hold onto the moisture they need and the frizz will go away.

#5. Wash your hair as soon as you get back home. Shampoo and condition it well to keep it clean. If you get wet in the rain three days in a row, then that’s three times that you absolutely must wash your hair, no exceptions. This keeps any potential scalp infections at bay.


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